• Visual Identity

    Visual Identity

    Visual Identity Design. More than a logo, I designed the prints, built an e-commerce store, established a social media presence, packaging design and took many photos.

  • Packaging Design by dl design

    Packaging Design

    Packaging Design. Working directly with the manufacturer and marketing team, I worked on the packaging design of all Face of Australia products, distributed for Priceline stores nationally. Numerous marketing materials were also required for multiple printed magazines and of course, digital content creation for social media and e-commerce stores.

  • website design by dl design

    Website Design

    Website Design. Built using a customised Wordpress theme to evolve from brochure to an e-commerce store. The client needed a visual identity, so I designed it for them too.

  • corporate report design by dl design

    Corporate Reports

    Corporate Reports. From start to finish, conceptual development of the layout, photographic direction and typesetting through to selecting paper stocks and embellishments.

Connecting ideas with reality.


A Melbourne-based creative Trisha Davies, works efficiently and effectively to provide clients with visual communication tools that are inspired, clean and targeted.
I design visual identities, corporate reports, and product packaging. I also work part time at Mesh Planning, collaborating with the urban design and planning team.