Website design

The Interpod website re-design process began by getting a thorough understanding of Interpod’s current market position and their international intentions moving forward. With existing wholesalers, making this product available online meant careful consideration about how that would effect existing relationships. My role was to re-design the website and develop the e-commerce store. Interpod had an existing brand identity, which was minimally updated throughout the process of the website re-design. The front-end design was influenced heavily by the back-end functionality and usability. My role was to advise which CMS and e-commerce solution would be the best solution which required research and in-depth reporting on pro’s and cons before making a decision and moving forward on the development and testing phase. This project required a lot of process mapping, liason and testing. The products were also photographed in 3D, I liased with the photographers and incorporated the relevant code into the site’s product pages. Once live, I then liased with an SEO expert to increase the sites exposure.

Visit the Interpod website.